Cat with no fur/hair

Cats with no fur. Cats without fur are a phenomenon among four-legged cats. For some it is beautiful, interesting and original, for others it is too eccentric or even scary. One thing is certain – they are eye-catching and of interest to many people.

Cats with no fur. If this specific breed of cats arouses your curiosity, we will be happy to introduce you to their habits, mention the prices, and also refer to the fact whether they can actually sensitize. We will tell all cat lovers who are planning to buy the four-legged cats how to take care of them.

Cats without fur

The story of bald cats

Sphinxes are often identified with Egypt, because of their name and appearance. However, it is not true that this breed was born in this area. The origins of the sphinx, the main representative of this type of cat, took place in Canada in 1966. They were born in the litter of ordinary short-haired cats, as a result of spontaneous genetic mutation. Because of the great interest aroused by this specific breed, felinologists led to its continuation. What are the names of cats without fur? This is how the breed was born, initially called a naked Canadian cat. Over time, it was the sphinx that became the official name of the species.

Breeds of bald cats

Elven Cat
Cats without fur. Among bald cats there are several breeds. Apart from the main representative – the sphinx – it is worth mentioning the Elven cat, which looks like one of the characters of Harry Potter. These cats are very sociable, energetic and sometimes noisy. They require a lot of attention and willingness to play. So they are ideal for families with children, who will spend time with the cat very actively.

The Don Bosco Sphinx
Another example is the Don Bosco sphinx. It is a relatively young and not very popular breed of cat. The etymology of this name dates back to 1987, when the first specimen of this species was born in the city of Rostov nad Domem. The Don Bosco Sphinx is emotional, gentle and friendly. He likes to be in the center of attention, but has a limited temperament. He is rather curious and ubiquitous. Due to the rare occurrence of the Elven cat and the Don Bosco sphinx, it is the classic sphinx that is identified with the bald cat.

What does a cat look like without fur?

The cat has hairless skin, which is reminiscent of suede. Contrary to appearances, it is not a completely bald animal. Its muzzle, ears, feet and tail are surrounded by a delicate fuzz. Sphynxes are medium sized, have a fairly elongated silhouette and very clearly marked muscles. The proportions of legs, in relation to the whole body, are as appropriate as possible.

Customised appearance
The attention is certainly drawn to the ears, which seem to be extremely large compared to the rest of the figure. Their fingertips are more developed than those of other cat breeds. The skin of the sphinxes is warm and pleasant to the touch, and in some places it is clearly undulating. Interestingly, the more folds a cat has, the more valuable it is for the breeder. As far as the moustache is concerned, most cats of this species do not have any at all, or possibly trace amounts. Their eyes are oblique, lemon-shaped. As you can clearly see, this is a very interesting cat variety, significantly different from the ones we see every day. That is why it is unique and admirable.

Interesting disposition of the sphinxes
Sphinx is characterized by increased curiosity. He likes to observe what is going on around him, not necessarily showing a willingness to participate. These are social and fun animals. Sphynxes, cats without fur, are not harassing, although they are definitely able to defend themselves and fight for their territory. Another important feature is the fact that they are very attached to their owner. They are usually not reluctant to change their place of residence, as long as their master is nearby.

Great appetite
The metabolism of cats of this breed is very fast. Compared to other cats of the species, they have much higher energy requirements for maintaining normal body temperature. For this reason, sphynxes are characterized by a large appetite. Veterinarians believe that this breed consumes twice as much as other breeds of cats with similar body weight. So if you decide to choose this species, make sure you have regular visits to the cat food store. The cat’s digestive tract is extremely sensitive. Cats without fur. It’s important to ensure that the food you serve is of a high quality.

Taking care of your cat’s condition
Unfortunately, the sphinxes have a tendency to get fat. In addition to satisfying the hunger of your pet should remember to spend time actively. If we allow a situation when the cat sleeps all day long, during breaks taking trips to the bowl with food, it can lead to extreme obesity!

Do cats without fur make you allergic?

Many people are convinced that the sphinx, if it doesn’t have hair, doesn’t make them allergic. However, this is not an exact theory. This cat, like other breeds, has an allergen with uroglobulin Fel d1 called the cat’s main antigen. It is found in the cat’s saliva and sebum secreted through the skin. Unfortunately, most people are allergic to this allergen, so you should pay special attention to how our body reacts in contact with this type of cat. His skin emits more sebum and therefore more allergen.

Sensitization and castration
However, there are ways to reduce sebaceous secretion and thus Fel d1. One way is to castrate your cat. Male sphynxes that have not been neutered have more sebaceous glands and are therefore much more allergenic than female sphynxes.

How much costs car with no fur?

Due to the rarity of sphinxes, their prices are quite high. Breeders that offer the possibility to buy this breed, value it at about 500$. However, this is not a rule, because you can find specimens whose value is close to 1200$.

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