You come home tired after work. Maybe along the way you did some shopping, were in the gym or met with friends. Your cat has been waiting all day. It’s rested and full of energy. Right from the doorstep, he greets you with a loud meow and he starts to chase after crazy. You think you will let him eat and cover him on the couch. None, of this people. Time to have fun!

Why is fun so important?

Satisfies natural cat instincts

Playing with a cat should be a regular feature, everyday routine. We must not forget that the sweet, downy ball lying on the chair is a purebred predator. His natural rhythm is repeated several times: hunting (fun at home) → meal → rest. The behavior of these elements significantly affects the quality of life and well-being of our cat.

It lets unload emotions

By forgetting to play with your growler we expose him to frustration, which over time can lead to aggression. Accumulated emotions will be manifested in the destruction of home appliances, night vocalization or attacks of the cat on ourselves. It may also happen that our cat falls into apathy and a condition resembling depression.

Is a form of physical activity

Without deceiving, the cat sitting all the time at home does not have many opportunities for activity. In addition, a whole range of carers tend to overfeed their children. Hence ? The amount of energy consumed with food exceeds its expenditure. Body fat increases. Overweight, and at a later stage obesity lead to joint problems, cardiovascular problems, diabetes …

Favors strengthening ties with you

The cat spends time with the owner who is fully focused on it. He hears the joyful tone of voice, his name, gets delicacies. It all builds positive associations in him. Fun is also an ideal opportunity to learn new commands or tricks.

The most common mistakes

Playing with hands

When the kitten is tiny, his awkward pawing and grasping with teeth can make us feel hot. However, when the cat grows up and the teeth and claws start to hurt and leave marks, we stop being satisfied. So pay special attention to the way you play with your cat. From the beginning, don’t teach that hunting for your body parts is tantamount to hunting for a victim. Use rods, mice, stuffed animals to play. And remember consistency counts, really.


Even the most beloved toy will get bored after a long time. However, there is a simple way to do it. Gather some toys, preferably in different sizes, textures, shapes. Periodically hide the current item and take it out in its place. Once in a while, arrange the space where you live again. Bring cartons and boxes home and put them in different places.


Do not count on scattering a handful of toys around the room, and your cat will indulge in hours of fun. Good fun is well thought out and contains elements of the hunting chain. This term means successive sequences of actions that a predator must perform while hunting for example a mouse. In our game, the cat hunts for a fishing rod or a ball, and afterwards it eats a delicacy. It is important to go through all the stages with your cat and not to stretch them too much in time.

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