What cat should i get?

Today’s entry is dedicated to all kittens, as well as those who simply love these nasty hairs. So, what kind of cat you should get for yourself? Or maybe it is the cat that should choose you?

We’re in favour of adoption, not purchase. But as many people in the world as there are opinions on this subject, so everyone has the right to do what is best for him or her. We will not convince you that it is worth taking a cat from the shelter, than to buy it for a lot of money – regardless of your choice, and both deserve home and love. Exactly – if we are able to provide him with a house, will it really work with love? Many people decide on a cat without taking into account the fact how much attention will be needed by our favorite. Not only during maturation – care and love should accompany him through all his life. So if you think you’ve made the right decision and want to take your cat, first ask yourself the key question: “Will I be able to give as much time and attention as my cat needs every day? If the answer is yes, go ahead, but if you hesitate, think carefully whether you really need a cat and not, for example, a fish that doesn’t require too much effort from you.

Cat or Kitten?

If you are wondering whether to take a young kitten or an adult cat, you need to remember about the advantages and disadvantages. Young kittens require frequent and regular meals and, because they have a tremendous amount of energy, play is essential for them too.

So if you decide to have a tiny cat, accept that you’ll be babysitting her more than a small child for the first few months. Playing for your little kitten is the main theme, thanks to which she grows quickly and learns a lot, gets to know the world around her (even if it’s limited to your home) and herself.

An older cat (we are talking about cats from 6 months of age) will not need continuous play from you, will be much more polite, 2-3 meals a day will be enough. If you decide on an adult cat, remember that it will have its own character, during the “creation” of which you were not there and will not necessarily fit you 😉 And even more so, it does not have to change – after all, cats are one of the most stubborn creatures in the world.

Cat – male or female?

I often hear from friends that female are better than male and vice versa, and the truth is that regardless of whether it’s a male or a female – they will be your best life companions. A cat by nature is more liberated, stubborn and selfish. It doesn’t change the fact that he will watch his home and respect his parents (not owners, not masters, not rulers). Someone once told me that male are less loving than females. I couldn’t believe it, but I also couldn’t objectively refer to it – I always had only females at home. Only for a year our little madman Lucek has been living with us, who at the beginning was also a girl (we even called her Lunka 😀), and later turned out to be a male.

And now I can refer to this myth: partly it is true, but it doesn’t mean that males are less loving, they just value peace and seclusion more, or at least like ours. The cat, especially the one with the young, is overprotective. She has maternal instincts, so she will watch over the house and its inhabitants, she needs more coddling and loving, she is usually more cozy, but also has her own character. She is more “handicapped” than a male cat, but it doesn’t mean that she’ll allow everything – she knows what’s best for her and she won’t be sitting on your lap if she doesn’t want it 😉

What kind of parent, this kind of cat – no doubt, there is a lot of truth in it. It doesn’t matter who you take – a male or a female, or maybe both, it’s important how you raise them.


The number of cats is not worth deciding at once. If this is your first consolation and you didn’t have to deal with kittens before (I don’t mean neighbor cats), it’s better to start with one. With cats as with children – the two of them are more likely to take care of themselves, but is this an easier solution for a human being?

Cats love the company of people, but no less like the company of their brothers and sisters. If you know you won’t have enough time for your pet every day, you may think it’s best to have a second cat. On the one hand, it’s a good way – cats will play alone, they won’t wait all day for a human being to come back and get his attention.

On the other hand, you need to ensure that they have the conditions to have everything young cats need in your absence (not just filled bowls). I also advise against taking two young cats to the start if you haven’t had a cat in the house before – it’s best to get to know the cat, its needs and character. If you feel that this is a pet for you – go ahead, take another one.

BIG or SMALL cat?

If you decide to breed a cat, remember to check the size of the breed. Most domestic cat breeds are not very different in size. However, compared to standard size cats (such as normal tiles), some breeds may seem really big, such as British cats and maine coons.


What kind of house or apartment you have is very important when choosing a cat.

First of all, whether you can give your cat as much space as she needs. The ideal place for your cat would be a small or medium house with a beautiful backyard, but we all know that the reality is different. The size of the apartment or house also, unfortunately, decides how many cats you can take in and what breeds (large or small).

The trick is not to get tired on too small an area, to have enough space to run and play, especially if it does not go outside.


You have probably heard more than once how cruel people are, that they keep their cats indoors and do not allow them to go out on the street.

Personally, I do not agree with that. Cats raised at home do not have to be less happy than those running on the roofs of buildings. At home, they are under the constant care of a person who provides them with all their needs. Besides, it is worth remembering that cats living indoors live longer because they are not exposed to the dangers lurking in the streets.

Yes, on the street a cat has more possibilities, it is itself and lives according to its nature. But it also does not mean that it has to wander the street day and night – nowadays we are able to provide our cats to stay in the open air and walk in safer places, and above all, away from cars.

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